June 18, 2009

The Dickerson Kids

OK, seriously, can The Dickerson Family be any more adorable?!? We had a great time with Emma, Shea, Sawyer, Seth, and Reese (the newest addition to the family) last night and as you can see, they were lovin the popsicles! The kiddos come and visit us each year (usually around the holidays but Jill (their mom) wanted to do a Father's Day session and have some outdoor photos rather than studio shots this time. I had Emma in my kindergarten class two years ago and Seth this past school year. It will be strange not having a Dickerson in class next year but I am sure we will still get to see them all for photos.

I had to laugh this morning when Jill sent me a message saying that Seth thought it was really cool that he got to take pictures with Mrs. Graddy's "friend." It is so funny that even though the kids call him "Mr. Graddy" they don't get that we are married. Too cute!

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